The Process to achieve the highest quality in 4 steps:

Template: Making a template of your Bench tops is vital, to give you the perfectly suited top for your room.

Templating is key for a accurate finish, and for you to get a clear vision of how the tops will look when finished. We will work with you to create a template combining your ideas and thoughts

Before the bench top can be cut and polished into its final shape and style, your kitchen or bathroom must be accurately measured to get the correct fit first time.

Stone Selection: Now the template has been made its time to select the color you require from the samples, Alternative you can visit one of the many stone slab warehouses to see the full slabs. (Recommended if using natural stone)

Manufacture: Now the stone bench tops of your choice can be  cut from large slabs using the measurements made on  templating. Sinks tap holes, hot plates radius’s etc. are all crafted in the stone tops according to the customer specifications. The edges are finished to the requested profile and finish.

Installation:  Our team will arrive to install your new bench tops with a smile.

Tops will be lifted safely into the kitchen and placed in the final positions matching all the joints and lining up all sinks and hotplates.

Once the team have lifted in the tops they will be cleaned and glued into position using the special stone glues and adhesives required.

All sinks and hot plates will be tested for size and fitment. Sinks will be positioned and glued.

Once all the tops are fit, glued, cleaned, sealed you will be required to leave for 6 hours to let all the glues and adhesives cure.

You are now ready to use your new tops and enjoy for years to come.

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